Elephants Are Facing A Serious Crisis In The Wild!

“As wild populations of elephants continue to decline in African and Asia, AZA accredited zoos are playing a vital role as stewards of an important part of the world’s heritage.  While supporting elephants in the wild, AZA institutions are also caring for elephants in a humane and science-based manner which supports AZA strong commitment to high standards of animal care and management.  This commitment is personified by the many professional zookeepers and veterinarians that dedicate their careers to the care of these magnificent animals.

Zoos have a unique opportunity to contribute to our knowledge of elephants by studying the health, nutrition, welfare, general physiology, behavior and reproduction of the animals in their care.  The value of this scientific research to conservationists and biologists is becoming increasingly important as elephant populations continue to shrink and become more isolated due to habitat fragmentation.

As flagship species, African and Asian elephants in zoos are important ambassadors for their wild counterparts and the wild habitats in which they live.  Education programs at AZA accredited zoos play an important role in promoting elephant conservation efforts by educating people about the threats elephants face in the wild and providing mechanisms for people around the world to make a difference.”

If you would like to learn more about the crisis elephants are facing in the wild or to support elephant conservation efforts, click on the links below.  With your help, we can make a difference!

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