An Elephant program provides a complex physical and social environment which stimulates natural behaviors, social interactions and activity levels resulting in healthy, well-adapted elephants. It’s the quality of the space from an elephant perspective, the relationship with animal care staff, and what we provide for the elephant in their habitat that defines our great program and places our program among the best.  Our program features are described below:

program-elephantsElephants get to be Elephants

  • Large items like tires and tree chunks to move and manipulate
  • Mud, dirt, sand and water to bathe in
  • Rough surfaces to rub against

Things to do!

  • program-thingstodoOutdoor habitat gets reset three times a day
  • Indoor habitat includes activities that stimulate behavior
  • Engagement devices at varying complexities are located at various levels
  • Different activities are offered based on the preferences of each elephant


  • Natural browse replicates natural diet and stimulates healthy digestion
  • Weight maintenance benefits joints
  • Each elephant’s diet is managed according to each elephant’s needs

program-habitatHabitat Care

  • Substrate consists of a sand and soil gradient
  • Habitat substrate is regularly conditioned through a mechanical process
  • Indoor sand room adds additional comfort when the elephants are inside

program-keepersKeeper Relationships

  • Our training program is completely based on cooperation between elephant and keeper
  • It is always the elephant’s choice whether they want to participate in the training
  • Each keeper knows each elephant’s preferences
  • Training results are achieved entirely through positive reinforcement of desired behavior

program-geriatricGeriatric Healthcare

  • Mud and sand mounds are available to aid in getting up and laying down
  • Each elephant goes through a series of daily stretching exercises
  • Movement is constantly promoted to aid in mobility and joint lubrication
  • Elephants are trained for voluntary blood samples and for ultrasound, injections, radiographs, and enemas
  • Staff regularly trains for potential medical emergencies

To learn more about what makes our elephant program among the best and to view a day in the life of our elephants, watch our elephant program video here.